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20 Year of Service

Congratulations on 20 years of Ministry to Apostle Samuel L & Pastor Velma Phillips.

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Wesley Chapel Nissan Donates Car to Church for Single Mom in Need

Evangelism is on the moving forward to S.C.O.R.E!. Henry Idleburgh gave his life to Christ and now spends a lot of his time working in Evangelim to find creative ways to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

While  putting  together an event for Easter 2014 one of the ideas was to bless a family by giving them a car. The first problem was they are not  a large  congregation (yet) and couldn’t afford to buy a car. The second problem was that Easter was three weeks away! So walking by faith he asked a friend that is in the car business if he knew anyone that would like to donate a vehicle. He said he knew somebody that might and he worked at Wesley Chapel Nissan. So, really excited I drove up to meet the person I was referred to on a unscheduled visit and just my luck he hadn’t worked there for two years. But the salesman that I spoke to was very friendly and recommended I speak to Mark Perryman the store manager the next day. I came by the next day and spoke to Mr. Perryman who was extremely busy but took a second to come and shake my hand and asked if I could return next week since its very busy at the end of the month for them and he would be glad to talk to me about whatever I needed. I was actually relieved that I didn’t have to ask him for the car that day lol.

Mr. Idleburgh returned that next week and asked to speak to Mr. Perryman, but this time a little braver. He met with Mr. Perryman and he asked “so how can I help you?”.  Henry began sharing with him what they were trying to accomplish on Easter at his church and how he wanted to partner with his dealership and again he asked “so, how can I help you”. So Henry just came out and asked “I need you to give me a car to give away”. Mark paused for a second but to his surprise he didn’t say no, he actually began to look through his parking lot while standing next to Henry. “I thought to myself, wow he’s going to do it even though we have no history at all with one another” said Idleburgh. “This increased my faith greatly, and confirmed that it was God who sent me to  Wesley Chapel Nissan knowing the heart of Mr. Perryman” said Idleburgh.

That day Mr. Perryman didn’t have a vehicle to give but he worked hard to find a car before Easter. Unfortunately Mr. Perryman wasn’t able to find a vehicle he felt was good enough to put his stamp on before Easter. But he assured Henry he would have a vehicle for the person who won. They had their Easter event and found a winner who didn’t have a car of their own at the time. She was a single parent that needed a dependable vehicle to get to her daughters cheer competitions and her sons baseball/football games. God couldn’t have chosen a better person to bless with a car. Henry informed Mr. Perryman that they found the winner and he was very excited about who won and pressed even harder to find her a car. Throughout this entire process Mr. Perryman was able to run his store and still make time to communicate with us even going above and beyond by renting a car for the winner until he found a car.

Well he found the car!! First of all, Henry  would like to thank God for Mr. Perryman and his staff at Wesley Chapel Nissan for their time, consideration, and integrity, they have made a vision become reality. The winner couldn’t be more happy with her car although her teenage son got really comfortable in the drivers seat lol. This is a great thing that was done and may God bless all who were involved. (find Henry's story at www.ourtownfla.com)

***************Join us this Sunday 10:00 am **********
2506 S. Parsons Avenue * Seffner, FL 33584


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